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Shamanic Healing – Leading Iboga ceremonies is actually just one of a Bwiti Shaman’s many jobs. In a village, the Shaman is both their healer and counselor. The temple door is always open to anyone who comes for his/her physical or spiritual healing. For those who need physical healing, everything from small ailments to life-threatening emergencies can be treated by the Shaman. Spiritual and mental issues of any type can be treated by the Shaman, as well. Counseling is offered to individuals, couples, and between villagers. Traditional services are also offered by the Shaman. A Shaman officiates weddings, has ceremonies for new children, and does funeral rites. 

Our Shaman, Moughenda, has decided to offer these services beyond his village to the outside world. We are very lucky to now have access to these ancient healing modalities and beautiful services, which have been hidden from the world for so long. Below is a list of services offered by Moughenda in his village. Please contact us for your requests and we can schedule it for you.

Traditional Shamanic Healing

While the sacrament Iboga, the Godfather of all plant medicines, is used for spiritual healing, physical healing, and spiritual discovery, there are many other plants and herbs that can help with ailments. In order to become Shaman, Moughenda had to learn traditional uses for thousands of plants in the surrounding jungle. In his village, Moughenda is surrounded by a natural pharmacy, with plants and herbs for almost any ailment. If you are someone who has an ailment and respects the power of indigenous wisdom, Moughenda will most likely have a way to help you.

Traditional Shamanic healings include:






Autoimmune Disease




Digestive Issues


Traumatic Brain Injury

more traditional healings are available upon request...

*There are many more ailments that can be treated. Please reach out and let us know what’s going on even if you don’t see it here and we will do our best to help. 

Traditional Shamanic Services

Moughenda and the Missoko Bwiti also offer traditional services. From weddings to funerals, they host powerful, spiritually charged ceremonies. As you can see below, there is nothing quite like a Bwiti wedding. At this beautifully decorated event, you have dancers, officiators, music, and of course the Shaman and his Bwiti support. Funerals will help to bring closure and help your loved ones in their transition and the newborn ritual will welcome your child into the world on a spiritual level. Lastly, they can offer you both blessings and spiritual protections according to your needs.


Funeral Rites

Newborn Ritual


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